Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Dining Dreams Come True With Black Betty Cafe

After eating our family dinner together at home, we will often times head out for just dessert. We love to have a place to enjoy a sweet treat or two after dinnertime but few have had sticking power. We've been looking for something really delicious to keep us coming back and, last night, I think we found it. We went out to commemorate the first birthday of Black Betty Cafe, an urban eatery I'd been introduced to where organic coffee, delicious meals, and indulgent sweets are served up daily. I usually go just for a latte or chai but tonight it was special for the cafe & for us.
We always allow the children to chose their desserts and in the car, they mentioned how they each had dreamed about and now wanted a big sundae tonight. Not being at all familiar with their dessert menu, we told them to please refrain from shedding any tears of disappointment for not getting their dream pick. Actually our last few dining experiences had drawn up that emotion in us as we sought to find a good spot for dinner & dessert in a new town. We'd been in places like Seattle, New York, San Francisco and San Antonio where sometimes children are expected to do some fine dining out with the big kids and hopefully the restaurant will have something suitable for them to eat. We don't do it often but the perks are endless for dining with your kids: learning table manners, fine dining experience with the family and on this particular occasion, this sweet treat here.
How thrilled were they when the sundaes of the aforementioned dreams were on the menu? The night was set for us because in addition to the great open atmosphere, the little ones were happy as clams leaving us time to sip on our drinks and actually conversate in peace. Deemed the best sundae in the world by our children, the balanced mixture of strawberry puree and cold vanilla ice cream was the perfect indulgence for a hot day. Fresh whipped cream & a bit of crumble topped it off. A sprig of mint was there less to cleanse the palate and more to entertain the senses as our trio continuously smelled and rolled them on their fingers. We did have a taste so are able to confirm that they were delicious and we will definitely be back for more.
Happy birthday Black Betty and thanks for making little dreams come true!