Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chowder is Choice at Monteith's Brewery Bar

This weekend was a family affair as we headed to the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spas in New Zealand which I have written all about right here. But after we took in the scenery & all-natural relaxation with a day at the pools, two families dined in first-class style at Monteith's Brewery Bar where between the almost dozen of us, we had everything from chicken kabobs to steamed vegetables. My choice today was also my own personal choice in the snapshot seen here of some of the most delicious seafood chowder that I have had. It was rich broth with full-on mussels, clams, fish and scallops. It was drizzled beautifully & seasoned to perfection and the last ladles-full were being fought over by my husband and youngest child. They did manage to share, however.

When I go out I suffer from serious plate envy where I usually sit at the table looking around at how delicious and smart everyone else's entrees look compared to mine but today was special. It was all me & my savory chowder. 

Now I am a bit of a chowder snob having spent plenty of time in New York and then being a Seattle Citizen for over a decade and both of these locales boasts heaps of creamy chowder that is fit for the most refined palette. While visiting paradise this weekend, I also tasted it in this divine soup. The close-up is trying to lure you in and if you are experiencing chilly weather, this would be the perfect antidote. 

This close-up bread snapshot is supposed to signify my infatuation with all things bread. It is my weakness and this dark grain bread was the perfect addition to my lunch. No butter needed. Just the absolutely improper dip into my soup bowl and it was perfection.

We will be returning on our next trip up and recommend eating here to anyone visiting Hanmer Springs. The service was laid back yet we were really looked after. There were a lot of us dining that afternoon but our food all came out at the same time, cooked perfectly & the prices were very fair for the quality of food we ate. It is a posh little town with top notch dining and spirits at Monteith's Brewery which our entire crew experienced first hand. There wasn't one plate that wasn't emptied.

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