Monday, December 9, 2013

Farrah Wraps: Join The Revolution

After breakfast I was compelled to do a quick post on Farrah Wraps. We have become bonafide devotees to the brand and the Garden Spinach variety in particular. We had the pleasure of meeting Jovan and Farrah, the charismatic tan behind the growing brand, at The Food Show this year. Their booth was a large and brightly lit full on cooking display. We sampled chicken quesadillas which were a familiar hit for the entire family. The wraps, or tortillas as we call them, are a bit larger than we are used to but cutting them in half for bite sized tacos is how we enjoy them. Farrah Wraps offer a much healthier option for those still wanting authentic Mexican foods. There usalso a whole wheat option that is just as delicious . We make all kinds of taco varieties using delicious fillings like potatoes, refried beans, or chorizo but this morning it was bacon and egg with lots of hot sauce. Absolutamente delicioso!