Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lemons For Sharing

We are lucky enough to live across the street from a very bountiful lemon tree.  This was our latest taking.  Seem like a lot? Just think of all the uses for lemons: lemon meringue, lemonade, citrus slices, marinades and child's remedies. The list goes on so we always have a use for them. Having a harvest mid-winter is refreshing and a very welcomed suprise of the lemon tree amidst the dreary days of cold weather. How lucky are we? The owner of this tree has given us full access as he disdains the sun ripened fruit. We were dumbfounded upon hearing this. But his picky palette is to our delight. He shares with us and in turn we tend to the tree. We also share with friends when the tree seems to be dripping with lemons.
As of this writing, all of these lemons are gone. We are definitely going back for more.

Tip: want lemon access all year long? Squeeze and freeze for everyday usage no matter the season!