Saturday, March 15, 2014

Margaritas & More at Mexicano's

Last month the world celebrated National Margarita Day as they do each year on February 22.  I had a belated celebration but the libations, and more, were just as delicious. Blood orange, mango and pineapple were a few of our top choices plus a sneaky Sangria Tinte featuring pomegranate and Merlot that we had to try while out at Mexicano's. Boasting authentic cuisine the likes of which New Zealand's South Island has not seen in reportedly a while, Mexicano's has broken a stale mold of less than substantial Mexican food in the city. This ethnic eatery is the latest restaurant on trendy Victoria Street to bring the foodies out in droves for a very different culinary experience. Think Dia de Los muertos as the theme with calaveras and beautiful, vibrant Mexican decor attributing to the cultural ambience. Modern lighting and full tables have established Mexicano's as a top spot in the city. As native Texans cilantro, chile, and comino were a part of our normal diet. Must admit, we were dubious about our first Mexican dining experience in New Zealand but indulged in real guacamole, fresh salsa and what we would consider pretty fancy tacos. Shown below, we played it safe by ordering the chicken and beef choices that were both cooked to perfection and seasoned as such, too.The food was really very good and I was pleasantly surprised to see the New Zealand quality standard of food carried throughout each dish. I've booked in for next week though I'm currently scouring the menu for exactly what we will be sampling. Maybe the pulled pork or perhaps ceviche? All are sure to be table pleasers. Click here for more info and enjoy the gallery below.