Monday, September 8, 2014

Accidental Chocolate

In a fit of hunger I relied on the trusty middle console of my car to satiate my appetite. It's always a gamble with what you'll find in there and today I was extremely lucky. Fair Trade Dark Chocolate. Half eaten. It had been pushed upon me before several times actually but I was always dubious. The best chocolate I ever tasted was in the Swiss Alps and I've been chasing that dream ever since. That rich, fresh milk chocolate dream that's reminiscent of the opening scene in Willy Wonka. Today I awoke to another world of chocolate. This time down under with chocolate from Belgium. That part of the world very obviously has the chocolate market cornered and it got me decades later in a place I'd never thought it'd be. I've never been a fan of dark chocolate and truth be told I'm not a big fan of chocolate at all. This chance bar has changed things. It's Fair Trade so the makers of the chocolate not only use the finest ingredients but they receive a fair wage for doing so all the way down to the cocoa farmer. I munched away with a bit less guilt knowing that.