Wednesday, December 3, 2014


They are known internationally as Bhindi, ladies' fingers, or bamia among other names, but the mucilaginous nature of the okra plant is unmistakable. That slimy goo tells keen palettes that okra has permeated the premises.

It's not for everyone. In doing a bit of street research, it's a love/hate relationship with okra in this world. This finding is surprising considering it's a cultigen. That means people, over the course of time in Ethiopia and South Asia, chose to cultivate this plant for their own domestic and, in this case, digestive purposes.

We enjoyed this shared okra salad plate at The Bodhi Tree. Yonba dedi they call it. Burmese cuisine. Or is it Myanmar now? Whatever the case, this healthy dinner addition was divine. As a Texas family, we normally enjoy the more unhealthy potion: Southern Fried. Those are yum, y'all.

However you enjoy okra, please do. It's so good and good for you.

Note: History even recorded the slimy little delicacy dating back to the time of Moors. I suppose, one must be healthy to pillage and plunder.