Friday, May 1, 2015

Satiated By Sticky Pork

The resounding cry of a dear friend for the past few weeks has been for some sticky pork. Specifically from Spice Paragon. Only served at the Victoria St. location, their Sticky Pork Hocks with diced avocado, roasted almonds and green chilli nam jim is well sought after by the refined palate.

Word has spread about the luxury eatery so we were lucky to rock up and snag a table after being forced to order drinks at the adjoining Khao San Road bar. It was short but sweet time waiting there before we were lead to our table where you we went for gold with the pork. Crispy on the outside, the juicy inside melts in your mouth, oozing flavor deep into your belly and your senses.

"This gorgeous sauce is the key. To die for."  Truer words couldn't be spoken by the truly pork-obsessed friend who, rest assured, left satiated.