Thursday, August 22, 2013

Geniuses Pick Green... Salads

Must do a quick share as we are just back from a night at the theater and our pre party event included this green salad. It featured locally sourced greens, pickled radishes, a heaping portion of pumpkin seeds, a montage of sprouts, and sweet red onion. The dressing was a light and lemony vinaigrette. Ingredients that are so fresh and clean are much needed to really keep us going. Food in its most natural state is how you obtain the most health benefits from it. Vegetables are our top choice to be served this way. They are mostly perfect straight from the earth and are a very sustainable crop.  Salads are just a smart and conscious choice for all of us to make.

We all met up after a long day of work and running around for an early dinner. We immediately found ourselves ensconced in conversation until the salads were served. It became that silent meal where no one speaks until after all dishes were emptied. Conversation immediately commenced but it was strictly green talk. The salad was divine all agreed.

Fun FoodFact: Adding a large green salad to your meal when dining out could provide half of the vegetables you need for the day.

In season ingredients simply make the best meals as exemplified here and three geniuses chose wisely.

(The show was good, too and though we are not really geniuses, we are counting our evening of Mozart as another smart choice.)

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