Monday, May 6, 2013

THE Organic Baking Staple

We are definitely in the mood for baking here in New Zealand and must share with you a baking staple that lives front and center in our kitchen. Organic whole meal (whole wheat) flour. We use it for everything from pancakes and scones to chicken breading and base thickener.
You will enjoy the the slightly nutty flavour and can truly appreciate the health benefits of using whole wheat. Most kitchens stock white flour but wheat is in a natural state and full of folic acid, magnesium, and iron (amongst heaps of others) that benefit your body straight from the grain.
Thinking of making the switch? Try these tips today:
1. When first switching over from white flour, try using half and half in your recipes to start. You can also adjust recipes to suit your new flour choice, if necessary.
2. Small steps make a big difference and you will definitely acquire a taste for the richness of whole wheat. Just incorporate it into your everyday recipes.
3. Opt for organic and especially local if available. When baking and cooking with grains, pesticides are a harmful reality. Shop from brands that adhere to strict and eco-friendly methods of production.