Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Food As A Healer: Airborne Honey

The Southern hemisphere is in the throws of Spring and with that comes major allergies and the end of cold season. Itchy eyes, coughing and the subsequent sore throat are just the beginning signs of the changing weather. The remedies abound but what actually works? Mother Nature serves up the transitional weather problem but also gives us the solution. The age old natural remedy of lemon and honey is alive and well in our home and it keeps us just the same. In fact, during Spring's full glory, that little remedy becomes an everyday ritual. We calm sore throats and warm the belly with a cup of hot water, a spoonful of Airborne creamed honey and a full squeeze of any whole organic citrus fruit. Yo. u can stir, let cool or add a tad bit of water for children to enjoy.  It is best served as warm as you can take it so try and sip very slowly. 

If you happen to be on the go and a dreaded coughing fit occurs, just take a look at what  convenient form honey comes in these days. Manuka & Honeydew lozenges are chemical free and are almost completely made from honey. They are made through a unique process of drying the honey which preserves the antioxidant properties and keeps it high in oligosaccharides making them a perfect antibacterial choice to build immune defense. The full range of Airborne products can be seen here. Other lozenge flavors include cherry, black currant, and lemon. The whole family is embracing the power and flavor of these luxe lozenges. How rampant are these sick symptoms? We took a couple lozenges around to a friend's this morning in order to share the goodness. The Honeydew variety is an AHA Honey and for the full range of benefits click here.