Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun With Fizzy

These gorgeous beverages were the hit of our latest morning tea and as much as the adults wanted to chug them down, they were strictly for the little ones. A little treat like this for children is a great and cost effective way to celebrate any occasion. Using recycled bottles with classic straws added that vintage appeal to the morning that the kids just drank up. Nothing elaborate but truly refreshing and delicious. They were gone fast, too. There is just something so fun about bubbles. Why don't you try your own today?

Simple Fun Fizzy

Large measuring cup
Large bowl
2 different flavours of fizzy, soda, or pop
100% fruit juice

Mix together 1 cup of each fizzy flavor in bowl.
Add 1 cup juice. 
Stir well.
Pour into kid friendly glasses & serve.

*This mixture does not need to be exact so adjust to your kid's taste buds.

Want to switch it up a little?
-Try adding fresh or frozen berries
- Use black currant flavoring to create a deep color & rich flavour
- For the adults, add a splash of champagne, vodka or gin to the mix
- For less sugar opt for club soda or a diet variety in place of one fizzy flavor