Wednesday, April 9, 2014

From Ice Cream to Nice Cream

There are those transitions into adulthood that are sometimes very hard to swallow. Except in this case it was the exact opposite reaction. Not being able to swallow dairy is now the reality of a few members of our team. We are talking former cereal lovers, cheese snobs and milkshake guzzlers who are now acutely aware that their bodies are rejecting milk and some, if not all, its by-products. There are palpable feelings of devastation in the air as if some chapter in our very dairy decadent lives is over and will be missed forever. But in one area, the Lactose Lot (what I've termed this unfortunate group) are not to be completely deprived. From ice cream to Nice Cream we go. This New Zealand made treat below is created using highly nutritious coconut milk which boasts lauric acid that aids in supporting the immune system. So dessert can make you feel better? Well it can definitely elevate your moods and it is lactose, gluten, soy, nut and cholesterol free so allergy sufferers can rejoice and enjoy the goodness. Nice Cream contains WAY less sugar and half the fat of standard ice cream which also lessens that personal guilt factor. 

Select artisan grocers carry the gourmet cool treat which we saw came in these flavors: Banana Bean, Chocolate, Vanilla and Mango. 

It's getting late now and just about that time for a Nice Cream indulgence.