Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Industrie Espresso Bar

There is a new shop literally around the corner. It is the latest venture from Switch Espresso owner Hamish Evans whose iconic Black Betty re-opened last week after 111 days of being shut down for earthquake repair. Organic coffee lovers are rejoicing as the Madras St. location was booming when I went in twice last week. Ok I missed it too and very happy they are back open. 
But what was the coffee connoisseur Evans doing on his 111 day break? Opening a new cafe, of course. Industrie Espresso Bar is the latest member of the Switch Espresso coffee brand located on 4/25 Birmingham Drive in the busy industrial complex where a proper coffee shop was much needed for the early-to-work set (Hours: 8am to 3pm M-F). The open setting with walk-up vending will appeal to those looking for a no nonsense coffee run where the organic coffee and gourmet pastries will meet the needs of all cafe cruisers. With room to stay for a bit to read the paper or a magazine, Industrie boasts natural elements that ground you to the very coffee you are sipping on. Polished floors, vibrant coffee plants, the aroma of freshly roasting beans and the presence of the mammoth Switch Espresso coffee roaster which resides in house at Industrie will all bring you back down to earth and enjoying a quick cup of coffee. The smell is intoxicating and may have you hanging around for another cuppa.
Lush coffee plants bring an authentic vibe to the industrial new location.
Coffee beans before the roasting.
Baked pretzels are sourced locally from Breads of Europe.

Switch Espresso coffee roaster is onsite at the new location.

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