Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chardonnay Wine Jelly

Just a quick photo share story. Today, I had tea at a friends house. This was one of those rare afternoons that was just pretty perfect. All six, yes 6 children ranging ages 18 months to 8 years played joyously while 3 mothers chatted. The hostess had set all the details and this was mainly why it all worked and also why I am writing this post. In her attention to detail, separate tables were bountifully set. One low table for all the children to reach and one high table for just the mums. It was all very lovely but the stand out for me was this Chardonnay Wine Jelly from New Zealand's Herb & Spice Mill. It was so refreshing and full of flavor. It was a light luxury treat We did as the label said and enjoyed with cheese. Pretty sure it was brie. But it didn't matter, After tasting the Wine Jelly, that is all that we wanted to savor.

Our hostess knew all about the product as her pharmacy shop carries the brand. She raved about it and also shared that there was also a Pinot Noir variety. I bet it is dark and delicious. I am totally sold on both. Read about the history of this specialty food company and their natural and healthy approach to menu planning.You will love it.

Story & Photo: K. Rodriguez