Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bananas: Fair and Delicious

We have been doing some serious sampling in the kitchen recently and especially delving into the world of children's food. As we explore the essentials of a child's diet one worldwide essential keeps coming back to the table. Bananas. Being that they are the 4th largest food staple in the world* bananas are a very smart way to shop and feed your family on a budget while giving them mega benefits. Unlike most fruits, they are available year round. We opt for the Fairtrade variety due to the ethical principles involved in their growth. We have never been so pleased with the flavor of a banana either. These above were delicious and we are frying them up for morning tea. See recipe we plan to use below!
Fried Green Bananas Recipe
Green bananas
Oil for frying (a healthy oil, of course!)
Cinnamon, Salt or powered sugar for dusting (optional)

1. Peel your green bananas. This may be a little hard to do as the skin doesn't separate easily from the fruit when it is not yet ripe. If you need to, use a knife to remove whatever skin remains behind.

2. Cut the bananas into thin, quarter inch slices.

3. Heat the oil in a frying pan until it is very hot. Add the banana slices, making sure they're all flat against the bottom of the pan.

Original recipe from Penniless Parenting

Grilled Bananas from Salt on the Pier in New Zealand.
Here is proof that the banana trend is catching. We dined on these at Salt on the Pier and the chef chose to grill these. We tried to verify if that were Fairtrade to no avail but were well received at our table by adults and children alike.

Just to name a few banana benefits...
combat nausea in pregnant women, aide in digestion, curb depression, shine your shoes, treat mosquito bites,protects the entire bowel system, sharpen awareness, and aide in the fight against osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney cancer and blindness.

The nutritional benefits of a banana are truly helpful in all stages of life development and growth with a delicious makeup that is rich in fibre, magnesium, calcium, potassium and Vitamin B6.

Click here for more banana benefits from Food Matters online.

Why buy Fairtrade?

Not all locations have Fairtrade Bananas available. We consider ourselves lucky that we are able to get them and have them as part of our diet. They promote small farms, equitable distribution and no forced labour. You wouldn't think that all of these issues take a toll on the quality of your food and its price but they do.

Bananas bearing the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark have been produced by small farmer organizations or in plantations that meet high social and environmental standards.  Farmers who produce Fairtrade certified bananas are guaranteed a Fairtrade minimum price to cover the costs of sustainable production and a Fairtrade Premium of US$ 1 per 18.14kg-box of bananas to invest in projects in their communities.

*According to the Fair Trade Website ( Updated 2012. New Zealand.