Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple Salmon Snacking

All of my life I have preferred seafood over beef or chicken, and over the years my love for all things seafood has grown exponentially. As mentioned previously - fish is one of the few things I cook in my kitchen. Due to it’s vast health benefits, namely to the heart, salmon is one of my favorite cuts of fish to cook. However, I have also grown quite fond of salmon of the smoked variety as well. It is easy to find in the seafood section of your local grocery store and boasts the same nutritional benefits as other cooking methods of this fish. Smoked salmon is also high in Omega 3 – as this fish is typically touted for, Vitamin D and is a healthier protein option than chicken or beef.

During a recent trip to Washington D.C. I visited one of my best friends and also ate one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. The mornings' venue was Clyde’s. It was a savory bagel sandwich which had smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, chopped eggs and capers. The combination of flavors and the quality of the ingredients made for quite the delicious meal for the breaking of the fast.

That sandwich inspired one of my favorite snacks/light meals that I can easily whip up and relish almost as much as my breakfast on that beautiful D.C. morning.

Here is the simple and savory salmon snack prep:

A plain, flatbread cracker makes the perfect base, my personal preference being the Carr’s water cracker flatbread. (You can also opt for a whole grain or nutty variety that will boost your fiber intake for the day!)

Next, sparingly spread on some cream cheese. A light layer will do - keeping in mind every tablespoon equates to about 40 calories.

Finally, layer on a few slices of smoked salmon – 3 ounces of this deliciousness is a low 99 calories. This treat is now ready to enjoy!

This snack is one of my personal favorites, as it allows some indulgence while primarily being a healthy and easy option. Prep this no fuss recipe at you next dinner party (garnish with dill), while sipping on wine (pair with cheese) or while reading a book (don't forget the napkin). It is versatile and healthy. What a great combo to enjoy!