Friday, May 8, 2015

The Egg Angel

In order to fill my big crew with healthy protein, organic, cage-free eggs are our top choice. We go through dozens a week. Eggs are so versatile that we find a way to sneak them into many a recipe. The kind we seek can run you six or eight dollars a dozen. Yikes! The kind we are blessed to receive are free and straight from the farm. You see, at the moment, we've a friend of a friend who visits said farm weekly and brings us back dozens. The Egg Angel we've coined this person. The eggs are large, beautifully colored and markedly unique with each shell, as they should be.

Accepting no money and just gratitude, we are blessed to have said Angel's generosity. We have their family for dinner regularly and I actually sneak-in my own gratitude right back. I think the whole situation is egg-cellent.