Monday, September 3, 2012

Life's a Peach & An Afternoon With Friends

One of my favorite things about living in San Antonio is the proximity of quaint areas outside of our city in what is referred to as the Texas Hill Country. One of my favorite towns to visit is Boerne, Texas which always proves to be the scenic setting for some fun, shopping and of course – food. Recently, some of my best friends and I set out for a girls day in Boerne after one of my besties completed her second triathlon of the season. Following the race we set out to find a good meal and some relaxation and after some bonding, walking, and window shopping we settled at the Peach Cafe, a cozy cottage-like restaurant nestled along Boerne’s main street. 

As we entered and stepped along the wooden floors, it was immediately decided that we'd made the right choice as the fresh scent of homemade bread and peach aromas delighted our senses.

We each perused the menus, which are printed on long sheets of paper, making our selections by checking them off with the pencils provided to each of us. I personally liked this unique touch, which added to the quaintness of the restaurant. 

I chose Chicken & Dumplings, which is one of my favorite comfort foods and happened to be a featured item on the menu. 

I was quite pleased with my selection, especially since a hearty portion was served! It was just as creamy as this meal should be, with plenty of tender cuts of white chicken meat, generous sweet carrots, and celery to satisfy even the hungriest of lunch goers. My favorite part of the dish was by far the dumplings, which were more like biscuits than a traditional dumpling. At first glance I was a bit uncertain on how this might compare to other recipes, but found it to be quite a delicious departure from the norm.

One cannot possibly visit a restaurant called the Peach Cafe without indulging in a little peach cobbler, which is again, one of my personal favorites. I decided on the blackberry peach cobbler and ended up being quite happy when my girlfriends were too full too partake in much dessert. I happy gobbled up the sweet fruit, which was topped with a delicious and crisp homemade crust. As we departed with full bellies for more sightseeing and shopping, I was again reminded why Boerne is always a fun stop – unique, local finds like the Peach Cafe.

Story and photos by L. Carpenter