Monday, April 8, 2013

Short & Sweet With Fondant

Photo courtesy of Ana Paula Oliveira
I am amazed at what can be created in the kitchen. I am a cook, not a baker, so I seek some of the best bakeries to do the job for all of our entertaining occasions. I always will get a cake made for my children. They don't want mine as disastrous past attempts have proven. There is nothing sadder than an untouched and ugly cake at a fiesta. This is why I opt for professionals. 

These wee dinos were the toppers for my son's birthday cupcakes and I just recommended the bakery, again, Frost It Fancy out of San Antonio, to a friend. They are made of fondant. Meaning "melting" in French, fondant has become the popular choice for cake decorators all over the world.  You can create anything with it allowing the theme of the party to carry onto the cake and plate in luxe style. I will keep it short and sweet today (pun intended). Look into fondant for your next cake decorating option.