Friday, January 10, 2014

Cupcakes for a "Me Party"

Sometimes in life, we must treat ourselves. Today was the time for a little "me-party" and this was my chosen cake. Actually cakes as The Cupcake Collection has such an inviting display that it is difficult to choose just one so we chose two. Rosey Posey that features a glace flavored with rosewater and a classic vanilla cupcake with purple icing for that very reason. They use the finest of fresh ingredients using sources from all over the world and priding themselves on creating unique flavors that are not available to most in Christchurch where the company is based. The cupcakes were originally sold at the local farmer's market and has grown into a Garden City staple that produces individual cupcakes, cookies, treats for tea parties and specialty cakes for every occasion. This was our own little occasion and they served up a delicious duo for us today. We will let the photography do the rest of the work here.

Tip: Sometimes just before closing they offer two for one. But not always and not often. You have to be a lucky little sweet tooth to get your hands on that deal. Flavors run out fast!