Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is This The Healthy Grilled Cheese?

Grilled cheese is a go to food in our house especially during the colder months. We continue to stay busy with real life activities but the menu definitely changes with the seasons. We need a warm belly and fast as the temperatures drop. I remember days of yore where white bread, margarine and the key ingredient which I recently heard being referred to as "plastic cheese".  Times have changed and we've made an easy alternative that will keep the entire family healthfully and quickly fed all winter long.

Here are our 3 ingredient alternatives to the traditional grilled cheese:

White bread for Soy & Linseed Bread
Margarine for coconut oil
Plastic cheese for organic cheddar

Want to amp up the healthy points?
Add fresh spinach or grated carrots
Pair with a dipping sauce of greek yogurt & herbs
Have fresh soup as a main and offer grilled cheese on the side cut into triangles (preferably without crusts for serving)