Thursday, December 29, 2011

Different & Delicious

I had to post these garden fresh tomatoes because they represent so much more than the goodness that we savored. They are 100% organically homegrown and are seriously the reddest ones we have seen in a long time. Some of the traditional grocery tomatoes are an identically sad looking lot whereas these are different & delicious. Another difference, in case you were wondering, is the growing season. It just got really cold here in the Southwest about a week ago so our tomatoes were growing through November. (Mother Nature is so kind to us here!) These have amazingly lasted for weeks as we decided what would be the perfect way to utilize our end of season bounty. They seriously lasted that long and when we cut them a few days ago, they were ideal texture. We enjoyed them diced with cubed mozzarella splashed with a really good & old vinaigrette. It was a fantastic side to our leftover tuna from Christmas.