Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe

This past week, we ventured to an oldie but goodie, Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe in San Antonio, TX. This is a place that has been a traditional dining location for our family for decades now & we are passing our love of the healthy fare to our children. Their menu features organic and natural entrees as well as an in house bakery and choice alcoholic beverages. I enjoyed wine made from organically grown grapes. 

Our favorite dish? The Chicken Tortilla Soup (hands down) which really put Twin Sisters on the map. It is so flavorful with plenty of white meant chicken and fresh tortilla chips are part of the dish. 

Inside the  bakery & cafe
Big glass of agua is perfect after a day of shopping!
Fresh baked tortilla chips in festive colors
A literal "double dip" of the chicken tortilla soup
Empty bowls means full bellies

As the wife of a musician, a dining perk for me is live music. It was so enjoyable and though I cannot remember the name of the artist that night, her voice was the perfect accompaniment to the evenings' dinner. 

Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe is a gem in a city where fast food and run of the mill restaurants abound. It is a rarity to find a healthy eatery with modern spins on traditional entrees like enchiladas, quiche and a HUGE variety of sandwiches. (I do miss the nachos that they used to have on their menu.) All restaurants have the capability to pay this close attention to their menu selections in order to offer their customers the best quality meals possible. This is a win-win situation for everyone and my dream for all dining establishments to strive for. What is wrong with the best? Nothing at all & we deserve the best especially when it comes to what goes into our bodies. You are what you eat so eat the best. Price point for me is very impressive considering the quality of the foods they offer which nullifies the notion that the best costs the most. See, good health is affordable.

Eat (healthful foods) Drink (organic beverages) & be Merry!

Dining with kids? Here are some tips.