Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Meal Planning: The Writing's on the Chalk Wall

While at a dinner party a few weeks ago, I took note of this:

How smart is this? Painted right onto the cupboard doors are weekly menu boards. In my many efforts to stay organized I always look to the experienced mom who manages her hectic life with seemingly simplistic ways to keep the family on track. This is just another example of how mom's inspire me. I say seemingly simplistic because it is not easy to sit down and plan the week's menu (one for the kids and another for the adults in this case) with everything else we have on our plate. No pun intended. It is however, very smart. That frustrated voice in your head that questions what you will make for dinner not to mention those other real & little voices asking you a million times what is for dinner can be gone forever. It is all written out for the family (and inquisitive dinner guests) to see. No questions asked. If someone doesn't like it, tough. You can't dare deviate from your plans because that would complicate things in your mom mind. Hey, mom cannot please everyone so please yourself and stick to your chalk written meal plans. I aspire to get on board but I have yet to implement this type of menu planning in my own kitchen. However, I have purchased a can of chalkboard paint with many, many projects in mind...

My intrigue was further raised after browsing through these chalkboard paint images from Babble.com on creative ways to use chalkboard paint. Not just for the classroom anymore, I have been seeing this very versatile stuff painted everywhere from business walls to children's books and I am loving its versatility. Using it for meal planning is just another great idea from a great Mum and now I am sharing this with you. Grab some chalkboard paint and get inspired to be organized. Or at least, be uber creative.

Benefits from this kind of planning are many but think of shopping for the weeks food with a very clear agenda.

Thanks to R.L. for opening up your kitchen and mum-ways with me. This is just one of your many brilliant ideas featured here.